“we align talent for you”

Product open architecture

open architecture

R3 PWM provides investment services with total independence and makes available to you, without any conflict of interest and restriction, a wide range of instruments and investment products to help you achieve your financial goals.

Our rigorous product selection processes allow us to align talent in favor of our clients by incorporating in their investment portfolios those managers that are more consistent and efficient in terms of profitability and risk control.

  • Investment funds of the main international managers.
  • Pension funds of the main international managers.
  • Equity securities traded in the main world financial markets.
  • Fixed-income securities traded in the main world financial markets.
  • Currencies.
  • Private equity and venture capital of the best investment managers.
  • Real estate funds of the best investment managers.
  • Derivatives, structured and hedges.
  • Life and investment insurance.
  • Bank products, financing.
  • Investment in art.
  • Philanthropy solutions.

“an investment universe for you”

Research open architecture

open architecture

The future is by definition quite unimaginable but in R3 PWM we think that this does not imply that it is absolutely unpredictable, especially in its central or most probable scenario and periods of time close to the present.

When we make investment decisions it seems necessary to guide them taking into account the situation of the economic outlook as well as its predictable evolution because finally it will end up reflected in the behavior of the financial markets.

Getting a rigorous, reliable and dynamic market outlook to assist our clients in their investment decisions is absolutely critical in any model of investment service delivery.

At R3 PWM we have decided that aligning talent in favor of our customers by selecting and following those houses of analysis and research that over time have demonstrated rigor and reliability in their recommendations is something really differential and that brings a lot of value to support investment decisions.

“the best research of the market
for your investment decisions”

Relationship open architecture

open architecture

At R3 PWM we consider that each client is unique and therefore our business model must be flexible enough to adapt to the personal circumstances of each one of them.

The intelligent investment model of R3 PWM allows the provision of multi-custody and multi-jurisdiction investment services. Our compensation structure is also flexible and customizable for each relationship.

Multi-custody. Our technology allows the provision of investment services regardless of the financial entity that our clients have selected for the operation and custody of their investment portfolio.

Multi-jurisdiction. An extension of our multi-custody investment services that allows our clients to diversify the jurisdictional regime of their investment portfolio.

Compensation. Simple, transparent and flexible fee structure that we negotiate individually with each of our clients.

“all the flexibility to satisfy your
financial needs”

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