R3 PWM...

…has a Mission

…has a Mission   “the first choice” 

Our mission is to create and maintain a proposal of value and service in private wealth management that would be the first choice for our clients and professionals, inspiring us to get it on the values that we share.

…has a Vision

…has a Vision

An investment services company specialized in financial advice, professional and independent, where customers are recognized as people and therefore our business is based on stable relationships and trust in the long term, where the interests are perfectly aligned and consequently the income statement is much more the consequence than the objective, owned by professionals who share this vision and associate their talent around this open project.

...has Values

…has Values


Strict Professionalism

Service Excellence

…has a Culture “R3”

…has a Culture      “R3”


R of Resources

Open project to incorporate all the resources that allow us to achieve our mission and to materialize our vision in terms of value proposal and service, values, equipment, research, product, technology…

R of Relationships

Open project from, among and for people, we want to establish stable relationships based on trust, aligned in interests, balanced and long-term, with our customers and potential clients, with our shareholders, professionals and collaborators, with our suppliers, with institutions and supervisors.

R of Results

Open project to achieve quality results and sustainable over time for all people involved and in terms of the balance of each relationship.

...has a Model

…has a Model


Product open architecture

Research open architecture

Relationship open architecture

“we align talent for you”

...for Clients who

…for Clients who

are concerned about the preservation and management of their wealth
and respect for the effort they have made to get it,
who appreciate the depth of the analysis
and the excellence in the service of an expert team
aligned with their own interests,
willing to establish long-term trusting relationships,
who understand the added value of our proposal
and as a result are willing to invest in it.

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