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In R3 PWM we consider that each client is unique as well as their investment portfolio, our model of intelligent investment proposes this and our private bankers do so.

The R3 PWM financial advisory service therefore requires necessarily a deep knowledge of each of our clients in order for us to make absolutely personalized recommendations in terms of investment objectives and terms as well as risk tolerance and other legal and tax considerations.

Knowing a person well always requires a respectful relationship and trust in time, at R3 PWM we meet periodically with each of our clients to deepen our mutual knowledge and analyze with strict professionalism both the evolution of their investment portfolio and the need to make adjustments in the composition of its assets, taking into account their personal circumstances, the evolution of the economy in general and financial markets in particular.

Our model of intelligent investment is inspired by the principles of honesty, independence and transparency, the relationships which we established with our clients are perfectly aligned in their interests and therefore the investment recommendations we generate for them are conflict-free.

Reception and transmission of orders

Reception and transmission
of orders

At R3 PWM we are absolutely committed to the quality of all our processes to achieve a perception of excellence in the service by our clients.

In order to guarantee the quality in the operational processes we offer our clients an exclusive system of reception and transmission of orders to transfer them into the financial institution selected for the operation and custody of their investment portfolio.

The R3 PWM reception and transmission of orders service is supported by state-of-the-art technological platforms that guarantee a fully digitized process as well as electronic signature and archiving services that facilitate the traceability of any operation.

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Independent model of simultaneous provision of investment services

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